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Refunds Cease at 1700hrs, 19 June 2017

In an effort to free up spaces for those on the waitlist, we sent out a note to all ticket holders a couple weeks ago, offering a full refund for those no longer able to attend. In order to make final preparations, complete the seating chart, and provide the venue with the meal selections, we will stop issuing refunds as of 1700hrs today, 19 June 2017. Your options at that point, if you have a ticket you are unable to use, is to sell it or share it with someone in need. However, the seating chart and meal choice will reflect the name and meal choice of the original ticket buyer.

Sold Out

The 2017 Adjutant General’s Corps National Regimental Ball is completely Sold Out. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and encourage you to purchase your tickets early next year. (Tickets typically go on sale in the month of March.)